BFA in Fibers

cloth scraps laid out on metal table

During your senior year of undergraduate study, you may apply for acceptance into the Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) program in Fibers. This immersive fifth year of study focuses on the development of a cohesive body of work that culminates in a written project and final exhibition on campus. The BFA program prepares you for entry into Master of Fine Arts programs or professional studio practices.

Degree Requirements

You must complete the five-year program with a total of 108 credits in art (a total of 220 university credits), including satisfaction of the requirements listed and the university's general education requirements for the BA or BS degree.

In addition to the requirements listed for the BA/BS degree, students must complete:

  • A total of 108 credits in the major, 40 additional credits)
  • Three additional History of Art and Architecture courses (12 additional credits) for a total of six courses
  • One course from Issues & Practices in a media area, 3 credits (ARTC, ARTF, ARTM, ARTO, ARTP, ARTR or ARTS 490)
  • One course from ART 412 BFA Critique Colloquium, 3 credits
  • BFA Terminal Creative Project credits, 6 credits (select from: ARTC, ARTF, ARTM, ARTO, ARTP, ARTR, ARTS 409)
  • Upper-division studio credits selected from advanced methodologies studios, seminars or independent studies, 16 credits