2015 MFA 2nd Year Exhibition

May 7–30, 2015

Anya Dikareva, Summer Gray, Krista Heinitz, Steven Joshlin, Daniel P. Lopez, Sarah Mikenis, Stephen Nachtigall, Rachel Widomski

This exhibition displayed the work of eight master of fine art graduate students in their second year of candidacy. In writing the exhibition essay to accompany their work, Megan Pounds, graduate student in the UO Department of the History of Art and Architecture wrote, “If there is one commonality to be found among the eight artists who constitute this exhibition, it is the refusal to view the individual works they produce as autonomous. Each art object present in this exhibition exists within a greater scheme of ideas, a physical and theoretical framework fashioned by the artists. These students are further connected by an interest in the constructed environment, which naturally manifests itself differently in every practice. While each artist’s work is far more complex and varied than this essay allows to be conveyed, there are two distinct treatments of this concept under which these works can be loosely categorized. In each instance, the viewer enters an unfolding narrative, and finds himself or herself immersed in an environment constructed by the artist to provide space to meditate on a particular idea.”

Sponsors for the exhibition included the Ballinger Family Memorial Fund and The Duck Store.

artwork by Daniel Lopez

collage detail

wire sculpture with fabric

artwork by Daniel Lopez

artwork by Summer Gray

artwork by Sarah Mikenis