Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science in Product Design

Degree Overview

Note: We are no longer accepting new BA/BS applications because the Department of Product Design now offers a four-year professional Bachelor of Fine Art (BFA) degree in product design. Visit the BFA page for more information. 

To learn more about the BFA or to receive academic advising on the degree, please contact an academic advisor in Lawrence Hall Room 105 or call 541-346-2621 to schedule an appointment.


Required Courses

Product design BA and BS requirements are 107 credits and students must complete a minimum of 180 credits and satisfy general university requirements for a bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree.

Core Courses

39 Credits Total

ART 115: Surface, Space, and Time
4 Credits
ART 116: Core Interdisciplinary Laboratory
4 Credits

PD 223: Beginning Design Drawing

4 Credits

PD 240: Designers' Tools

4 Credits
ARTD 250: Print Media Digital Arts
4 Credits
One studio course chosen from product design (PD), art (ART), art and technology (ARTD), ceramics (ARTC), fibers (ARTF), metalsmithing and jewelry (ARTM), sculpture (ARTS)
4 Credits
Two history of art and architecture courses, including ARH 358: History of Design
8 Credits
Two interior architecture courses, IARC 204: Understanding Contemporary Interiors and IARC 447: Color Theory
7 Credits

Upper Division Studio Courses

56 Credits Total

PD 301: Introduction to Design Studio

4 Credits

PD 323: Drawing

4 Credits

PD 340: Design for Use

4 Credits

PD 350: Objects and Impacts

4 Credits

PD 370: Design Process

4 Credits

PD 430: Computer–Assisted Design and Production

4 Credits
PD 483: Senior Studio I, PD 484: Senior Studio II, PD 485: Senior Studio III
12 Credits
Upper–division electives chosen from product design (PD), art (ART), ceramics (ARTC), fibers (ARTF), interior architecture (IARC), metalsmithing and jewelry (ARTM), or sculpture (ARTS)
20 Credits


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