Art + Design Research Highlights

2021 A+D Research Highlights

Penna collection from Studio Gorm.

John and Wohnee Ardnt’s Studio Gorm launched the Penna Collection with Memo Furniture, Seattle, WA.

Image: John and Wonhee Ardnt/Studio Gorm, Penna Collection

Wohnee Ardnt received a 2022 summer stipend for Humanities and Creative arts from UO for a “Collaborative Lighting Design Project with Arita” and also was included in Design Pavilion’s AAPI Industrial designers feature.


Jovencio de la Paz a solo exhibitions of his algorithmic weavings the "Ghost and the Maze" at Specialist in Seattle, WA and "Cumulative Shadow" at Holding Contemporary in Portland, OR.

Image: Jovencio de la Paz, "Ghost and the Maze"

Tannaz Farsi was a 2021-22 Fund for Faculty Excellence recipient selected by the Office of the Provost.

Tannaz Farsi, Anya Kivarkis, and Jack Ryan-Snell were included in the traveling exhibition "What Needs to be Said" at the Schneider Museum of Art.

Trygve Faste’s rigging knife design was selected as one of four finalists in the Gray Design Awards.

Colin Ives’s collaborative audio visual piece "Aleph Earth" was on view at the UO Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

Ron Jude's large-scale black-and-white photographs.

Ron Jude had a solo exhibition of his large-scale black-and-white photographs "12 Hz" at Robert Morat Galerie in Berlin, Germany and at the UO Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art.

Image: Ron Jude, “12 Hz” installation

Sylvan Lionni had a solo exhibition of his latest sculptures and paintings "double vision" at Taubert Contemporary in Berlin, Germany.


Charlene Liu had a solo exhibition of paintings and prints "Lattice" at Elizabeth Leach Gallery in Portland, OR and also installed a group of large-scale paintings and woodcut prints "Hotpot/Mooncake" in the PNW Public Market in the recently opened Unthank Dining Hall in Eugene, OR.

Image: Charlene Liu, paintings and prints from the "Lattice" exhibition at Elizabeth Leach Gallery

Christopher Michlig screened films “Friendship Pt. 1 & 2” and “A Thousand Little Dots” at Nowhere Gallery, Milan, Italy.


Michael Salter was interviewed about his icon and logo design work in The Noun Project.

Image: Michael Salter, icons and logos from The Noun Project


Sculptures from Stacy Jo Scott's exhibition.

Stacy Jo Scott had a solo exhibition of clay figures, masks and vessels "Lo, A Vase in the Dark" at Holding Contemporary in Portland, OR.

Image: Stacy Jo Scott, "Lo, A Vase in the Dark" exhibition

Rick Silva was included in the group exhibitions Hors Piste at the Centre Pompidou in Paris, Immigrant Artists of the American West at the Tacoma Art Museum in Washington, From Seeing to Acting at Radical Reversiblity in Amsterdam, and also curated an online exhibition for Feral File Fragments of a Hologram Rose.

Susan Sokolowski was elected a National Academy of Inventors Fellow , was a Woolmark 2021 Institution Award Winner, and received a Wu Tsai Alliance grant for 3D Anthropometric Scanning & Machine Learning to Understand Sex Patterned Performance Geometries of Runners.

Public art sculpture, "Call Number Cascade".

Amanda Wojick created a site-specific public art sculpture “Call Number Cascade”, for the Salem Library in Oregon.

Image: Amanda Wojick, "Call Number Cascade" sculpture in the Salem Library

Alex Xu’s shoe sole design for Columbia was produced.