Art + Design Research Highlights

2023 A+D Research Highlights

Hiba Ali was included in Dreaming Beyond AI: In the loop at Kampnagel Hamburg, Hamburg, DEU, the audio for which can be found here, and also included in Nat Turner Project: Drinking Gourd Fellowship at Oregon Contemporary.

Photo of STOP doorstop.

John and Wonhee Ardnt of Studio Gorm designed the STOP door stop, made with recycled shoe soles, which won Runner Up (2nd place) in the Home & Living category and Notable (3rd place) in the Sustainability award for Core 77 Design Awards 2023. 

Image: STOP Doorstop, 2010, Material: Synthetic rubber from 60% recycled shoe soles (material certified by Global Recycled Standard), 100% recycled polyester rope (material certified by Global Recycled Standard)

Jovencio de la Paz had a solo exhibition, The Ends of Rainbows, at The Halsey Institute, Charleston, SC, and was included in Transcendental Arrangements at Miller Institute of Contemporary Art, Carnegie Mellon, Pittsburgh, PA.

Tannaz Farsi was included in Prototypes, Converge 45, Portland, OR, and Out of Sight at Pacific Pavillion, Seattle, WA.

Brian Gillis participated in Holding Fire with the art collective Fuel Ladder at Well Well Projects as part of Converge 45, Portland, OR, and A Public Commons at UIS Gallery, University of Illinois, Springfield, IL.

Wendy Heldmann had a solo exhibition, All Small Stories, at Ditch Projects, Springfield, OR, and was included in Ordinary People at the Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach, CA, which was reviewed in Contemporary Art Review, Los Angeles.

Colin Ives participated in Holding Fire with the art collective Fuel Ladder at Well Well Projects as part of Converge 45, Portland, OR.

Ron Jude had a solo exhibition Dark Matter at Gallery Luisotti in Los Angeles, CA, and was included in A Long Arc, Photography and the American South since 1845 at the High Museum of Art, Atlanta, GA.

Anya Kivarkis was included in Pan Amsterdam, represented by Galerie Rob Koudijs, in Amsterdam, NLD.

Tarrah Krajnak had a solo exhibition Shadowings. A Catalogue of Attitudes for Estranged Daughters at Huis Marseille Museum for Photography, Amsterdam, NLD, launched the book RePose (published by FW Books), was included in Notes from Unseen California at Penumbra Foundation, New York, NY, was included in Body to Body: Photographic Stories at Centre Pompidou, Paris, FRA, was included in Chronorama Redux at The Pinault, Palazzo Grassi, Venice, ITA, had a solo exhibition 1979: Contact Negatives at the New Photography Center, V&A, London, GBR, and was included in You Belong Here: Place, People, & Purpose in Latinx Photography at Emory University, Atlanta, GA. Krajnak was also featured in the British Journal of Photography"Spatial Awareness", Issue #7915, and in The Eyes, "FRACTURE", #14.

Charlene Liu was included in Gathering at The Corner Gallery, Andes, NY.

Christopher Michlig's book File Under: Slime, published by Hat & Beard Press, was reviewed by Steven Heller in Print Magazine and by Matt Stromberg for Hyperallergic's "11 Art Books to Add to Your Reading List This Summer." Michlig was a featured guest on the Big Table podcast with author Susanne Wedich and on the Humor and the Abject podcast with artist Oliver Payne.

Kiersten Muenchinger was published in two journal publications “Desktop Injection Molding with PLA in the Academy: Increasing Manufacturing-based Experiential Learning,” The International Journal of Design Education, 2023, Volume 17Issue 2, and “The relative influence of sustainable product design strategies for polymer products,” Cleaner Materials, Volume 9.

Dan Powell’s book Scene Shifting, published by Lucie Lu Books, was presented in an Artist Talk at the JSMA and was reviewed by Oregon ArtsWatch.

Michael Rey was included in Finish Fetish, COLLABORATIONS in Copenhagen, DNK, included in Jack Early’s American Lessons curated by Wladyshaw Barion at Mulier Mulier Gallery in Knokke-Zoute, BEL, with a forthcoming catalog, and INCOGNITO at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, CA, and his work was featured in Architectural Digest, October print issue.

Stacy Jo Scott had a solo exhibition, Echo & Narcissus, at AB Projects, Los Angeles, CA.

Untitled work by Jack Ryan.

Jack Snell-Ryan had a solo exhibition, Murmuration, at Taylor Gallery in Charleston, WV, was included in a group show La Mostra: The Show in Cortona, ITA, in August 2024, accepted a 2023 visiting summer Professor position at the Cortona UGA Internation Center in Cortona, ITA, was a featured artist in Soundbox 6 at Oregon State University, Corvallis, OR, overseen by creative director Dana Reason, and was awarded the 2023 Francis Bronet Innovation Award presented by the College of Design.

Image: Jack Ryan, "Untitled", 2023, Welded steel, cast concrete, conch, audio hardware,  felt

Rick Silva was awarded a 2023 Hallie Ford Fellow in the Visual Arts.

Sound performance at Lines of Flight 2023 using guitar, effects pedals, amplifier, haptic synthesizer and slide projection by the artist

Gabie Strong performed at Lines of Flight 2023 at Dunedin Public Art Gallery, Otepoti (aka Dunedin), Aotearoa (aka New Zealand), in October 2023. The sound can be found here and the video can be seen here.

Image: Sound performance at Lines of Flight 2023 using guitar, effects pedals, amplifier, haptic synthesizer and slide projection by the artist 

Conduit Touch/installation image, 2018, stoneware, brass, acrylic sheet, faux marble, 49 x 26 x 12 inches

Jessie Vala was awarded an Urban Glass Visiting Artist and Designer Fellowship in Brooklyn, NY, and an Assets for Artists Residency in North Adams, MA, supported by an Oregon Visual Arts Fellowship, and was a  CFAR Project Incubator Fellow in Eugene, OR.

Image: "Conduit Touch"/installation image, 2018, stoneware, brass, acrylic sheet, faux marble, 49 x 26 x 12 inches

Superorganism installation at the ECC Exhibit.

Laura Vandenburgh was included in Transpecies Design part of Time Space Existence at the European Cultural Center in Venice, ITA.

Image: "Superorganism", Installation View 2023, Palazzo Bembo, Venice, Italy