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School of Art + Design faculty are active, practicing artists and designers, engaging 21st-century questions through innovative practices re-imagining old and new technologies. We grapple with rapidly changing social conditions and contribute to new ideas in our respective fields, generating work with a national and international presence. Much of that work takes place at 510 Oak, our shared studio research building in downtown Eugene and our hub for faculty studio production and discourse.

Art + Design Faculty Work


video still by Hiba Ali

Hiba Ali

Baskets by John Arndt

John Arndt


Wonhee Arndt

artwork by Jovencio de la Paz

Jovencio de la Paz

artwork by Tannaz Farsi

Tannaz Farsi

Faste ceramics, intertidal deployment object

Trygve Faste

Artwork by Brian Gillis

Brian Gillis

islands boxes by Colin Ives

Colin Ives

Marine Layer by Ron Jude

Ron Jude

Jewelry by Anya Kivarkis

Anya Kivarkis

solar panels

Sylvan Lionni

Artwork by Charlene Liu

Charlene Liu

artwork by Christopher Michlig

Christopher Michlig

artwork by Donald Morgan

Donald Morgan

tumblers by Kiersten Muenchinger

Kiersten Muenchinger

David Rueter artwork: telephones, fence posts, barbed wire, test leads, 9v battery, work gloves

David Rueter

artwork by Jack Ryan

Jack Ryan

Artwork by Michael Salter

Michael A. Salter

Artwork by Stacy Jo Scott

Stacy Jo Scott

screwdriver set by Erdem Selek

Erdem Selek

eyewear by Hale Selek

Hale Selek

Artwork by Rick Silva

Rick Silva

Photos by Ying Tan

Ying Tan

Artwork by Laura Vandenburgh

Laura Vandenburgh

"Wallstack, June" by Amanda Wojik, 2017, wood, paper, paint

Amanda Wojick

shoe design by Alex Xu

Alex Xu