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Research and Creative Practice

School of Art + Design faculty are engaged in forward-looking research; we are grappling with rapidly changing social conditions, contributing to new ideas in our fields and working with new and old technologies in innovative ways. The work we do has a national and international presence; even a partial list of faculty activities in the next six months demonstrates the scope of work we are engaged in: numerous solo exhibitions in Berlin, London, Milan, Bogatá, Belgrade, Calgary, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Seattle, Portland, and Berkeley; group exhibitions in Paris, Stockholm, New York, Hamburg; and residencies and research projects in the Netherlands, Japan, Hong Kong, and New Mexico.

Larger research initiatives are facilitating and catalyzing innovative inquiry. Through the Green Product Design Network, faculty are exploring the potentials of new and more sustainable materials. Set to launch in 2018, the Department of Art’s Center for Art Research will be a think tank bringing together artists, critics, curators and writers around the most compelling, contemporary questions.