The School of Art + Design is a community of creatively and critically engaged artists and designers. Our work mines the intersection of thinking, making, seeing, and questioning.

Students in the UO School of Art + Design have the opportunity to study intensively across a uniquely broad set of studio practices, within a flagship research university. Students in Art can study 21st century approaches to sculpture, photography, painting, drawing, printmaking, ceramics, fibers, and metalsmithing. Art & Technology majors explore the potential of new technologies in an art context, working with interactivity, video, animation, visual communications, and emerging technology. Students in Product Design learn to design objects for use across a broad range of scales and purposes—tools, transportation, technology, clothing, furniture, and sporting equipment to fit a changing world.


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Welcome to the 2020 Student Exhibitions

Explore work from graduates in the programs of MFA in Art, MS in Sports Product Design, BFA in Art, BFA in Art & Technology, and BFA in Product Design, as well as galleries for the Art + Design ARC students and Spring Storm, the annual school-wide senior show.

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Student Spotlight

Mary Vertulfo

Mary Vertulfo (’18)

Before she found the BFA Art & Technology program, Mary Vertulfo never thought she could turn her art into a career.

Now a junior motion designer at Hovercraft studio in Denver, Vertulfo reflects on her journey from the influence of manga as a child to UO Zine Fest and creating motion graphics for Nike.

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The Student Experience

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Students and faculty in the School of Art + Design employ a fluid continuum of practices—using old and new media in surprising ways to address compelling questions. The School of Art + Design is located on the University of Oregon campus in Eugene, with additional facilities in downtown Eugene and in Portland at the historic White Stag Block.


Art + Design Academic Residential Community

The Art + Design Community is an academic residential community (ARC) for students excited about sharing creative ideas, making art, and exploring design. Community members live and work together in a brand-new building that features a maker space studio.

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