Colleen Choquette-Raphael

Senior Instructor
Academic Advisor
Research Interests:
Phone: 541-346-1427
Office: 128 Millrace 2

Colleen Choquette-Raphael received her MFA in Art with an emphasis in photography and intermedia from the University of Washington and holds a BA in Art History and Art Education and a BFA in Visual Design from the University of Oregon. Since joining the faculty in 1998 she has taught a broad constellation of courses in photographic media; including film and darkroom photography, large format and the constructed image. She has also offered courses in foundations, theory seminars on the body and the abject, public art, a workshop on experimental book structures and intermedia courses on art and the found object.

Deeply influenced by film studies and feminist literature, Choquette-Raphael's creative practice combines photographic images, medical specimens, video, performance, text and curatorial work to map the hallucinatory space between gender-biased binaries of thought.

Using cultural artifacts that are aligned with stereotypical notions of gender, she summons the unstable point when a sign becomes its antithesis; where equilibrium slips into delirium, science becomes sentiment, and the flower in the garden pornographic. The objects exist in a state of perpetual deterioration; a child's toy reveals itself to be a discarded emblem of gender performance, scientific diagrams are inscribed into melting beeswax and a series of constructed images mythologize the suicide of female poets.

Her work as an animal welfare advocate has spawned a current project exploring political puppet theatre.

Choquette-Raphael is also the primary academic advisor for the Department of Art and teaches study abroad courses in Italy and Greece.