Department of Art Study Abroad

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rooftops in Florence, Italy

Historically the Department of Art has offered study-abroad opportunities in Siena (Italy) and China. Currently programs such as these, including collaborative programs with other institutions, are offered through the university's Global Education Oregon program. Students are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor to discuss study-abroad opportunities and how to earn credit for these courses.

The following programs are currently offered through the Department of Art:

Fibers in Florence

Learn Jacquard silk weaving and design at the Foundation Lisio in Florence, Italy. Explore fabric analysis and learn how to identify complex weave structures such as brocade, damask, lampas, liseré, and velvet. On site, you will observe master silkweavers at their looms, engaged in the product design process.

Art and Artifact: Intermedia Art in Athens

The unique landscape of the Greek islands and the multilayered city of Athens provide the setting for this intensive three-week studio art course. Through a series of lectures, studio work, daily excursions to archaeological sites and museums, contemporary galleries, and engagement with land and sea, students will have the opportunity to weave global history and theory into the practice of making art. Our methods will be interdisciplinary and open to various modes of expression, which might include but are not limited to, drawing and painting, performance, installation, photography, and video.