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John Park

Career Instructor
Phone: 541-346-2683
Office: 101 Millrace 1
Research Interests: Art and Technology

John Park works at the intersection of creative pedagogy and technology. With communities migrating to an increasingly digital-dependent lifestyle, Park stresses the social, environmental and economic implications of this shift to the students in his classrooms and in the content of his own work. Through interdisciplinary collaboration with colleagues in other creative fields, Park has also been developing a vocabulary that merges the disciplines of dance and music with his own practice of algorithmic art and experimental animation. These endeavors to liaise between performing arts fields plays a role in Park's vision of an evolving creative practice where cultural and creative barriers will blur and crumble to the point where an artist will simply be someone who understands movement, timing, narrative and gesture with a fluidity in any medium.

Park received his MFA in Computer Art from SUNY Buffalo in 2006, and his BA in Multimedia Design from the University of Oregon in 2003. Park's diverse background in photography, 3D modeling, experimental animation, computer programming and electronics hacking has led to a larger investigation of what the most appropriate uses of these technologies should be in today's cultural climate.