Latest Edition of Artforum Features Top Ten from UO Associate Professor

In the latest issue of Artforum, Associate Professor of Art, Rick Silva, was asked to share his top 10 with the publication. His list includes a myriad of different things including movies, sports, music, and even a rare natural phenomenon. The following is Silva's abridged top ten:

  1. Total eclipses
  2. Camera Falls from Airplane and Lands in Pigpen, 2014
  3. Music Video for BJÖRK’s “JÓGA”, 1997
  4. Stan Brakhage, Mothlight, 1963
  5. Snowboarding
  6. Mutek
  7. Phillipe Quesne, La Mélancolie Des Dragons (The Melancholy of Dragons), 2008
  8. Olia Lialina, Summer, 2013
  9. Four Tet's Spotify playlist
  10. Natalie Wynn's Contrapoints series, 2017–

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Photograph of Rick Silva

Rick Silva is a Brazilian-American artist whose videos, websites, and installations explore virtuality, futurology, and speculative ecologies. His work has been exhibited at institutions including The Centre Pompidou, Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, and The Whitney Museum of American Art. He has been featured in Artforum, Wired, and Rhizome’s Net Art Anthology.