Lenscratch features Warpinski’s photo project commemorating border deaths

November 28, 2016

The preeminent photography blog Lenscratch featured photos and text by A&AA Professor of art Terri Warpinski in a November 25 post.  Entitled Death[s]trip, the project “is a story of human mortality told through the landscape, focusing on enforced political borders between nations—an incredibly timely project with the newly elected administration speaking regularly about building walls and fences,” Lenscratch writer Aline Smithson said of Warpinski’s exhibition, which represents people who died trying to cross to the West after the Berlin Wall was built in 1961. “With the increased presence of border structures, there is a related increase in border associated mortality. The majority of those who die in this manner are never recovered or identified. How, then, can they be remembered?,” Warpinski said in text accompanying her photos. Death[s]trip intends to commemorate those who died, linking them with the border landscape in which their deaths took place. Warpinski teaches in the Department of Art in the UO School of Architecture and Allied Arts.