The Magical Mirrors of Artist Deandra Stokes

October 10, 2019

mirrors by Deandra Stokes

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?

In the world of Weiden+Kennedy Art Director Deandra Stokes, the correct response is Rihanna, Sade, Selena, and Prince.

The BFA alumna (’16), when not making visual magic happen at the world renowned ad agency in Portland, works on her own art, using skills she learned at the UO, such as a series of mirrors cut into the shapes of some of her pop culture icons.

“Sade is my childhood in some ways,” Stokes recently told Willamette Week. “I was just making it for me, a little art piece being like, ‘Oh, you know, I was wanting a mirror, but she’s also a reflection of myself.’”

For Stokes, the mirror series is about representation, primarily depicting artists of color, it’s “a physical manifestation of seeing yourself and being seen in a media landscape that skews white.”

Read the full story in the Willamette Week story from The Creators Issue, “Deandra Stokes Makes Your Dream of Looking in the Mirror and Seeing Rihanna Come True.”