Warpinski portfolio featured in Exposure

A cover story in the spring 2014 (47:1) issue of Exposure explores UO art Professor Terri Warpinski’s unfolding series of photographs about borders, Surface Tension. “Warpinski places us at the edge of the action with an opportunity to experience [the border] viscerally,” writes photography curator Katherine Ware. “A wall is not a solution but rather a monument to an ongoing crisis. A ‘secure border’ is a most insecure place to live, offering physical insecurity; food insecurity; water, sanitation, and survival insecurity…. Without being didactic, Warpinski suggests the complexity of these ongoing conflicts by juxtaposing multiple images [which seem] also to mimic the fragmentation and disorientation of the lives of the people who intersect with these borders.” Surface Tension will be featured later this year at the Lincoln Center in Fort Collins, Colorado. Warpinski will return to Israel this spring to continue this investigation, thanks to support from the Oregon Arts Commission and the Ford Family Foundation.


March 19, 2014