Department of Art Courses for Nonmajors

Please note: Nonmajors must wait until after the initial registration period to register for these courses. For the complete list of classes available each term, please visit the UO Course Catalog.

ART 101 Understanding Contemporary Media (4 Credits)

Critical exploration of concepts surrounding and defining the experience of understanding contemporary art.

ART 111 The Artist Experience (4 Credits)

Critical exploration of concepts surrounding and defining contemporary art through the examination of the individual studio practice of members of the art faculty.

ART 115 Surface, Space, and Time (4 Credits)

Introduces interdisciplinary media processes, critical theory, formal communication design, color theory, skills in objective evaluation and critique, and how materials, processes, and context establish meaning.

ART 116 Core Interdisciplinary Laboratory (4 Credits)

Rigorous studio projects in the core studio sequence stressing interdisciplinary media transitions and the interrelatedness of conceptual and formal concerns. Prerequisite: ART 115.

ARTD 199 Creative Coding (4 Credits)

Learn computer programming by making four different creative projects. Introduction to hands-on coding with the goal of gaining digital literacy by creating tangible take-away objects.

ART 233 Drawing I (4 Credits)

Introduction to basic drawing concepts and practices.

ARTD 250 Print Media Digital Arts (4 Credits)

Examines application of print media in contemporary visual culture. Explores its use in a fine art context. Introduces digital drawing, digital photo editing, and typographic layout to visually communicate expressive concepts.

ARTD 251 Time-Based Digital Arts (4 Credits)

Explores the notion of time as a medium in relation to contemporary art through which concepts of sequence, narration, scoring, and motion are expressed.

ARTD 252 Interactive Digital Arts (4 Credits)

Introduces resources that the computer offers the artist. Concentrates on animation, interaction, and the web as expressive mediums.