Visiting Artist Lecture: Elissa Auther

Elissa Auther photograph Above left: Machine Dazzle, Treasure, 2019, photograph by Gregory Kramer. Above right:  Elissa Auther, photograph by Val Bozzi.

"Queer Maximalism”

Thursday, February 23, 4:00 p.m.

Lectures will be in Lawrence Hall, Room 115, 1190 Franklin Boulevard, Eugene, OR 97403 and will also be live-streamed and archived on the UO College of Design YouTube

This talk focuses on the solo exhibition of the costume designer and performer, Machine Dazzle, and the relation of his work to creative spheres cutting across art, craft, design, theatre, and nightlife.  

Elissa Auther is the Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs and William and Mildred Lasdon Chief Curator at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD). She provides the strategic direction and creative oversight for exhibitions, acquisitions of works of art for the Museum’s collection, publications, and exhibition-related public programming. She has published widely on a diverse set of topics, including the history of modernism and its relationship to craft and the decorative, the material culture of the American counterculture, and feminist art. Her book “String, Felt, Thread: The Hierarchy of Art and Craft in American Art” focuses on the broad utilization of fiber in art of the 1960s and 1970s and the changing hierarchical relationship between art and craft expressed by the medium’s new visibility. Her most recent exhibitions for the Museum of Arts and Design include “Surface/Depth: The Decorative After Miriam Schapiro” and “Queer Maximalism x Machine Dazzle.”