Visiting Artist Lectures

The Visiting Artist Lecture Series, presented by the Department of Art and the Center for Art Research, introduces students and the community-at-large to a broad range of international interdisciplinary practitioners including artists, curators, critics, and historians. The department is committed to inviting innovative and prominent professionals to speak about their influences and processes within their current practice as part of the public lecture series and also to engage with students in small groups or individual studio critiques. The University of Oregon is an equal-opportunity, affirmative-action institution committed to cultural diversity and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

We invite you to explore 5 Minutes for conversations between Visiting Artists and MFA candidates.

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2021–22 Visiting Artist Lecture Series

Lectures begin at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time and will be held in Lawrence Hall room 177, unless otherwise noted. Virtual lectures will be live on Zoom with registrationAll lectures will also live stream on the UO IS Media Services YouTube.

Fall Term Lectures:

October 7:  Amy Brener (virtual)
October 14:  Catherine Haggarty
October 21:  Dianna Frid
October 28:  Lumi Tan, Critical Conversations Lecture (virtual)
November 4:  Amy Yao
November 18:  Andrew Thomas Huang, Davis Lecture

Winter Term Lectures:

January 13:  Pei-Hsuan Wang
January 27:  Justine Kurland (virtual)
February 3:  Lezley Saar (virtual)
March 3:  Michael Sherwin

Spring Term Lectures:

April 7:  Yuji Hiratsuka, made possible by the Gilkey Foundation Fund
April 14:  Shawna X
April 28:  Liz Magor, George and Matilda Fowler Lecture Canceled
May 5:  Elissa Auther Canceled
May 19:  Lewis Watts, co-sponsored by the JSMA

Amy Brener

“Omni-Kits and Flexi-Shields”
October 7

Lecture Details

artwork by Amy Brener
Catherine Haggarty

"You Know More Than You Can Say”
October 14

Lecture Details

artwork by Catherine Haggarty
Dianna Frid

“It Takes Time”
October 21

Lecture Details

artwork by Diana Frid
Lumi Tan

“Invisible Rooms: Performance and Institutions”
October 28 (virtual)

Lecture Details

Lumi Tan
Amy Yao

“From ESL to Asian Clams”
November 4

Lecture Details

artwork by Amy Yao
Andrew Thomas Huang

“Queer Morphologies & Digital Spirits”
November 18

Lecture Details

artwork by Andrew Thomas Huang
Pei-Hsuan Wang

"I’ve Left My Body to Occupy Others"
January 13

Lecture Details

Pei-Hsuan Wang with her sculptures
Justine Kurland

“From Girl Pictures to SCUMB Manifesto: A Retrospective of Photo Work”
January 27 (virtual)

Lecture Details

Justine Kurland and her work
Lezley Saar

“Surrealism, Symbolism, and Significance”
February 3 (virtual)

Lecture Details

Lezley Saar and her Art
Michael Sherwin

“Vanishing Points: Revisiting America's Indigenous Landscape”
March 3

Lecture Details

Michael Sherwin Portrait
Yuji Hiratsuka

“The Art of Color Intaglio Process and Aesthetics”
April 7

Lecture Details

Yuji Hiratsuka headshot
Shawna X

April 14

Lecture Details

Shawna X art.
Liz Magor - Canceled

“I Have Wasted My Life”
April 28

Lecture Details

Liz Magor art
Elissa Auther - Canceled

“Queer Maximalism”
May 5

Lecture Details

Elissa Auther
Lewis Watts

“Faces and Places in the Diaspora”
May 19

Lecture Details

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