Visiting Artist Lectures

The Visiting Artist Lecture Series, presented by the Department of Art and the Center for Art Research, introduces students and the community-at-large to a broad range of international interdisciplinary practitioners including artists, curators, critics, designers, and historians. The department is committed to inviting innovative and prominent professionals to speak about their influences and processes within their current practice as part of the public lecture series and also to engage with students in small groups or individual studio critiques. 

Lectures are live streamed and the videos are archived on YouTube.

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We invite you to explore 5 Minutes for conversations between Visiting Artists and Department of Art MFA Program candidates.

2022–23 Visiting Artist Lecture Series

Lectures begin at 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time in Lawrence Hall, Room 115, 1190 Franklin Boulevard, Eugene, OR 97403 and are also live-streamed and archived on YouTube.

Fall Term Lectures:

Tuesday, October 11:  Natasha Ginwala, “Between Waves and Sea Change”
Thursday, October 13:  Carmen Winant, Co-sponsored by UO Libraries
Thursday, October 20:  Jen Stark
Thursday, October 27:  Liz Magor, George and Matilda Fowler lecture
Thursday, November 10:  Marie Watt, Co-sponsored by the Jordan Schnitzer Museum of Art
Thursday, November 17:   Kate McNamara, Made possible by the Gilkey Foundation

Winter Term Lectures:

Thursday, January 19:  Margaret Lee, "Untethering"
Thursday, February 9:  Edie Fake, "An Impossible Place," Davis Family Lecture
Thursday, February 23:  Elissa Auther, "Queer Maximalism"
Thursday, March 2: Salvador Jiménez-Flores, "Nepantla"
Thursday, March 9:  Alex Da Corte, "Fun World"

Spring Term Lectures:

Thursday, April 13:  Naama Tsabar, "Artist Talk"
Thursday, April 20:  Jim Drain, "Making Time:  Craft-Based Sculpture," Made possible by the Gilkey Foundation
Thursday, May 11:  Yoonmi Nam, "Generally Meant to Be Discarded"
Thursday, May 25:  Julia Fish, "home / work: paintings, picture-thinking & notes in progress"


Natasha Ginwala

“Between Waves and Sea Change”
October 11

Lecture Details

Headshot of Natasha Ginwala
Carmen Winant

"Notes on Fundamental Joy”
October 13

Lecture Details

Art by Carmen Winant
Jen Stark

“A Psychedelic Dive into Art, Fractals, and NFTs”
October 20

Lecture Details

Headshot of Jen Stark
Liz Magor

“I Have Wasted My Life”
October 27

Lecture Details

Art by Liz Magor
Marie Watt

“Calling Companion Species”
November 10

Lecture Details

Art by Marie Watt
Kate McNamara

“Staying with the Trouble”
November 17

Lecture Details

Exhibition featuring art by Kate McNamara
Margaret Lee

January 19

Lecture Details

artwork by Margaret Lee
Edie Fake

“An Impossible Place”
February 9

Lecture Details

artwork by Edie Fake
Elissa Auther

“Queer Maximalism”
February 23

Lecture Details

artwork by Elissa Auther
Salvador Jiménez-Flores

March 2

Lecture Details

artwork and photo of Salvador Jimenez Flores
Alex Da Corte

“Fun World”
March 9

Lecture Details

artwork by Alex Da Corte
Naama Tsabar

"Artist Talk"
April 13

Lecture Details

Artwork by Naama Tsabar grid
Jim Drain

"Making Time: Craft-Based Sculpture"
April 20

Lecture Details

Photography of Jim Drain project.
Yoonmi Nam

“Generally Meant to Be Discarded”
May 11​

​​​​Lecture Details

Photograph of artwork by Yoonmi Nam
Julia Fish

"home / work : paintings, picture-thinking & notes in progress"
May 25​

​​​​​​Lecture Details

Photography of Julie Fish artwork