College of Design Congratulates Faculty on Tenure and Promotion

June 16, 2021

Above is an interactive map of the College of Design. Click the yellow circles to see where the promoted and tenured faculty are located in the college. To learn about the whole College of Design ecosystem map, visit Map Your Future.

The University of Oregon has promoted 10 College of Design faculty members this year. The promotion and tenure process involves rigorous review, so this recognition reflects the significant achievements of our faculty.

“The awarding of tenure and promotion is a distinct honor faculty earn after having distinguished themselves in teaching, scholarship, creative practice, and service,” said Dean Adrian Parr. “I am extremely proud of their accomplishments and for this significant milestone. I wish them continued success at the University of Oregon!”

Congratulations to the following College of Design faculty members!

Department of the History of Art and Architecture

Nina Amstutz: Granted tenure and promoted to associate professor.

Kristen Seaman: Granted tenure and promoted to associate professor.

School of Architecture & Environment

James Buckley: Granted tenure as associate professor—Historic Preservation.

Erin Moore: Promoted to professor—Architecture.

School of Art + Design

John Arndt: Promoted to professor—Product Design.

Tannaz Farsi: Promoted to professor—Art.

Sylvan Lionni: Granted tenure and promoted to associate professor—Art.

Charlene Liu: Promoted to professor—Art.

Erdem Selek: Granted tenure and promoted to associate professor—Product Design.

Susan Sokolowski: Granted tenure and promoted to professor—Product Design.