Portland Product Design Students Launch Studio Skosh for Remote Products

Photo of the members of Studio Skosh

In the spring of 2020, after COVID-19 confined many to work, go to school, and socialize remotely, a group of Portland-based product design students founded Studio Skosh design group.

“Like many during COVID-19, we found difficulties in combining work and home lifestyles into one confined space,” said Mila Penrith, a product design student and the director of brand marketing for the new studio. “Studio Skosh was born to create unique designs that provide simple and forms of organization for both.”

The group’s first product is the Wireless Original, a dedicated smartphone charging station with an all-natural cork surface and computerized aluminum body.

“It is exciting and rewarding to see our students implementing the skills and techniques that we teach in the Department of Product Design in order to bring this concept to market,” said Trygve Faste, head of the department. “From what I have seen of this project, the design looks beautiful and well executed. This is a talented, energetic, and dedicated group, and I am certain that they will find professional success with their design work.”

Studio Skosh received initial seed funding for product development via the Department of Product Design’s Koehn Design Entrepreneurship Award, an annual grant provided by Michael and Stacey Koehn. The fund provides support for studio courses and can be used for product development including faculty stipends, visiting industry experts, curriculum development, instructional materials, promotional materials, equipment and fabrication tools, prototyping resources, and other related costs. Jessie Silbert, founder of the maternity training apparel company Transitions, also won the award in 2020.

The design group worked with the Lundquist Center for Entrepreneurship to help develop the business side of their company.

Learn more about Studio Skosh in “Crafting Solutions for a Remote World.”