School of Art + Design, Harmonic Lab Collaborate with Eugene Symphony

April 18, 2019

Geodesic dome at Hult Center

School of Art + Design Instructor John Park and Info Tech Consultant Jeremy Schropp are both founding members of the arts and technology collective Harmonic Lab, which also features School of Music and Dance Associate Professor Brad Garner and Audio Production Instructor Jon Bellona. 

Harmonic Lab and Light at Play worked with the Eugene Symphony to create a show that reflects how the composer incorporated color into his compositions. Harmonic Lab prepared for the event using the pop-up space in Lawrence Hall beginning last December.

The Register-Guard reports that Park has designed animation and digital art for a massive projection screen while Schropp will be playing the organ with a touch-sensitive keyboard that will control the colors of the geodesic dome. 

“One of the biggest things we bring is lighting the audience and bathing everyone in color,” Park told The Register-Guard.

“It’s been a pretty cool honor to develop this instrument. This is the first time that I know that something like this has been created,” Schropp added.

The group also teamed up with five high school and college students, including School of Art + Design student Felix Neeleman. 

Read the full story behind the event in the The Register-Guard story “Eugene Symphony’s ‘Color of Sound’ promises to be a sonic immersion.”*

*Please note that The Register-Guard has a paywall after a few free articles.