Sports Product Design Capstone Exhibition

2022 Sports Product Design Capstone

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2021 Sports Product Design Capstone

SPD 2021 Capstone students, person working on design

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2020 Sports Product Design Exhibition

work by Sports Product Design students

Sports Product Design MS candidates in the Department of Product Design create and launch a cohesive capstone collection every year. Each student, through immersive athlete research, works to achieve true product innovation through new technologies and performance-driven design.

The 2020 Sports Product Design Exhibition featured work by the following students:

Carly Anderson, Apparel Designer
Oli Bartoszek, Sports Product Designer
Chrissy Bettencourt, Footwear Designer
Max Brazo, Sports Product Designer
Brendon Brogan, Sports Product Designer
Jarrett Gilmore, Footwear Designer
Sarah Klecker, Apparel Designer

Jennifer Null, Apparel and Technical Designer
Nate Roese, Footwear Designer
Jessie Silbert, Apparel Designer
Jessamy Taylor, Sports Product Designer
Shawn Xiao Li, Footwear Designer
Zou Yu, Footwear Designer