About the Department of Product Design

Product designers make products more energy-efficient, more ergonomically appropriate, more cost-effective, and more socially responsible. We analyze, we innovate, we invent, we build, we question, we plan, and we manage products and systems to enhance the world. As one of our students, you will be able to work with fellow students, clients, and faculty members to address real-world design challenges.

You will learn the special skills necessary to become a designer, plus gain hands-on experience to experiment with various materials and methods of manufacturing. You will learn how to use tools to draw, model, craft, build, and test the prototypes you make. You can make things out of wood, metal, plastic, or clay and use computerized tools to cut and shape your designs.

We have an active and engaged learning community of designers with faculty members and students forging a strong sense of community. We frequently win awards for our designs, and students submit their projects to competitions worldwide. In addition, many projects work with nonprofit organizations or industry leaders to develop innovative design solutions to address critical problems.

Our students graduate with confidence and the skills to work for a company or start their own business. Are you interested in being a rigorous, critical, hands-on, mission-driven designer? If so, you are a perfect candidate for the University of Oregon.

Join us in designing a better world.