Department of Art Graduate Academic Advising

Each first and second year MFA student will have one full time faculty member who is the main contact person for them throughout the year. This advisor is a consistent voice that guides them in their first years of residence and is responsible for tracking the student's progress through the program.

The faculty advisor should contact the student at the beginning of each term to set up timely meetings in anticipation of significant moments of evaluation, such as:

  • New student orientation
  • Reclassification
  • Terminal project proposal
  • Terminal project report and exhibition

Additional Oversight:

  • Preparedness for upcoming program requirements such as coursework, supervised teaching credits, grad review, etc.
  • GTF assignments
  • Trajectory of research and creative practice
  • Difficulties/obstacles to progress
  • Special opportunities

The Committee Chair acts as the main advisor for third year students.

Questions regarding admission materials or processes? Contact:
Heidi Howes, administrative assistant, Department of Art
541-346-3618 | Email