Department of Art Graduate Funding

Graduate Employee Positions

A significant number of students in the graduate program are awarded a Graduate Employee (GE) position, which includes a tuition waiver and monthly stipend. Returning students are given priority, however all incoming graduate students are eligible to apply for GEs.

Possible GE assignments include:

  • instruction in a studio course
  • instruction in a lab tied to a lecture course
  • assistance in large lecture courses

Visit the School of Art + Design current students blog for additional GE information and forms.

You may read the General Duties and Responsibilities Statement (GDRS) on the Graduate School website.

International applicants should visit the Graduate School International Applicants page.

Tuition Guarantee

To help graduate students in the studio disciplines plan for the costs of their master's or doctoral programs, the College of Design provides a tuition guarantee. Resident and nonresident graduate students majoring in architecture, interior architecture, landscape architecture, historic preservation, art, or product design are eligible for the guarantee.

The tuition rates guaranteed for each student are based on the tuition rates for fall term of the student's first full year in a qualifying program and the summer thereafter. As long as the student continues to make satisfactory progress toward on-time graduation, the student will not be expected to pay tuition higher than the student's guaranteed rates.

Learn more about the Tuition Guarantee.

Scholarships and Awards

Scholarships in the College of Design are open for application by students who are enrolled majors within any of our disciplines. A select number of scholarships within certain disciplines are available for application by students who are applying for admission to a Design program.

The more than 110 scholarships in our college have been made possible by donations from private parties, both individuals and business organizations. Many are provided by alumni who have been moved to give back, and who want to be part of helping to support students today as they earn their own degrees.

Check with the office staff in your school and with College of Design Student Services to learn more about what scholarships are currently available.

Please contact the School of Art + Design with any questions: 541-346-3610,