BA or BS in Art

Art Major

The BA or BS in art is a four-year liberal arts degree focusing on studio art practice. You can receive the bachelor of arts (BA) or bachelor of science (BS) degree with a major in art.

Declare the Art Major

    As an art student, you will learn to think critically, communicate clearly, and work creatively. You will develop an understanding of:

    • materials and tools,
    • technical skills,
    • different ways of seeing,
    • as well as fluency in visual languages and the articulation of meaning.

    Starting with core foundation courses that introduce strategies of experimentation, making, and critical thinking, you will also take courses on the history of art and architecture, and seminar classes that expand your understanding of art and its potential.You will gain an understanding of diverse cultural context through travel opportunities, gallery exhibitions, and the visiting artist lecture series.

    The art curriculum includes coursework in eight media areas:

    • Art & Technology
    • Ceramics
    • Fibers
    • Jewelry & Metalsmithing
    • Painting & Drawing
    • Photography
    • Printmaking
    • Sculpture

    While all art majors share the basic requirements, you have the flexibility to pursue more advanced course work in the media area or areas of primary interest. You will gain technical and conceptual understanding and develop a unique and individual approach to your work.

    Degree Requirements for BA or BS

    Complete a minimum of 180 credits, including satisfying the general education requirements for a BA or BS degree. Art majors are required to take a minimum of 68 credits in ART courses.

    Core Studio prerequisites for 200-level studios:

    1. ART 115, Surface, Space, and Time, 4 credits
    2. ART 116, Core Interdisciplinary Lab or ARTS 288, Sculpture I: Mixed Media, 4 credits
    3. ART 233, Drawing I, 4 credits

    Additional foundational requirements:

    1. ART 333, Drawing II, 4 credits
    2. One course from:
      • ART 101, Understanding Contemporary Media, 4 credits
      • ART 111, The Artist Experience, 4 credits
    3. One course from:
      • ARTD 250, Print Media Digital Arts, 4 credits
      • ARTD 251, Time-Based Digital Arts, 4 credits
      • ARTD 252, Interactive Digital Arts, 4 credits

    Studio requirements:

    1. Studio courses at the 200-level or higher in two different media areas within the department, 8 credits
    2. Upper–division art studio credits, 24 credits

    History of Art and Architecture requirements:

    1. Three courses from the Department of the History of Art and Architecture, 12 credits. Recommended courses include ARH 353 Modern Art and ARH 354 Art Since 1945.