Minor in Art

Art Minor Requirements

The Art minor requires 40 credits. Course work must be taken in at least two departmental curricular areas, excluding courses taken to fulfill the core studios requirements.

We encourage you to declare the minor at least three terms before graduating. At the time you declare your minor, you are encouraged to contact the Art Office to schedule a departmental advising appointment. Art minor requirements are:

  • Any two courses of History of Art and Architecture (ARH)
  • Drawing I (ART 233)
  • Surface, Space, and Time (ART 115)
  • Core Interdisciplinary Laboratory (ART 116) or Sculpture I: Mixed Media (ARTS 288)
  • Additional studio art credits of your choice to bring the total to 40; 12 of which must be in upper division course work.
  • Course work in at least two departmental curricular areas (not including the courses taken to satisfy the core studio requirements listed above).
  • At least 12 studio art credits must be taken in residence at UO

Declare a Minor in Art