Minor in Multimedia

Multimedia Minor Requirements

The minor in Multimedia is an interdisciplinary endeavor, drawing on the expertise of faculty in the areas of Art and Technology, Computer and Information Science, Journalism, and Music. Students in the minor will receive an introduction to the possibilities available to students with a background in interdisciplinary multimedia studies. Courses offered in the minor will cover design, programming, writing, and composing for a variety of different applications.

The minor in Multimedia requires a minimum of 28 credits; 12 of which must be Upper Division. Courses must be taken for letter grades and passed with a C– or better. All credits must be taken in residence at UO; no transfer credit is accepted for this minor.

The ARTD 250, 251, and 252 do NOT need to be taken in any specific order. 

Required Courses Prerequisite Course(s) Approved Course Substitutions**
ARTD 250 N/A N/A
ARTD 251 N/A N/A
ARTD 252 N/A N/A
CS 111 Math 101 or equivalent N/A
MUS 447 N/A

MUS 360: Hip-Hop Music: History, Culture, Aesthetics

MUS 363: The Beatles and Their Times 
J 333

ARTD 250, ARTD 251, and ARTD 252

J 320: Gender, Media, and Diversity

J 385: Communication Law

J 387: Media History

J 397: Media Ethics

(These courses all have a prerequisite of J 201)

ARTD 360*

ARTD 250

ARTD 350: Digital Drawing (Pre-Req: ARTD 250)*

ARTD 361: Intro to Animation (Pre-Req: ARTD 251)*

ARTD 379: Intro to Video Art (Pre-Req: ARTD 251)*

ARTD 378: Computational Aesthetics (Pre-Req: ARTD 252)*

ARTD 370: Digital Interactivity (Pre-Req: ARTD 252)*

*Enrolling in ARTD 360, 351, 361, 379, 378, and 370 

Multimedia Minors are not required to take ART 116, 115, and 233. Once you have completed the prerequisite listed on this page (Example: Complete ARTD 250 to take ARTD 360), please send an email to artuo@uoregon.edu requesting access to the upper-division course that you want to take.

**Approved Course Substitutions

If you completed one of the approved substitutions for MUS 447, J 333, and/or ARTD 360 send a request to the Academic Advising Chat to have your Degree Audit updated.