Product Design Internships

Before you can apply your internship towards your degree, you need to get approval from the Department of Product Design using the linked form

The "Product Design Internship Form" is designed to grant you approval to register for PD 404 Internship. Please note that you must have an internship secured before you will be approved to register for PD 404. The UO only allows students to apply 12 credits of internship to their degree.

Product Design Internship Form

Frequently Asked Questions about Internships

Q: "How do I determine the number of academic credits to take?"

A: 30 hours of internship work = 1 academic credit. For example, if you work 15 hours a week for 10 weeks you will be eligible to register for PD 404 for 5 academic credits. (15 hours x 10 weeks =150 hours of work, 150/30 = 5 academic credits).

Q: “What if I get an internship after the pre-approval deadline but before the add a class deadline?”

A: Still submit the form! These deadlines are priority deadlines, not firm deadlines. We understand that internships can pop up at any time but we set the priority deadline as a goal and to pre-authorize as many of you in one batch as possible.* 

*Administrative staff may be unavailable to process pre-approvals over academic breaks. If you do not meet the priority deadline, you may need to wait until Week One of the following term to be pre-authorized to register.

Q: “What if I’m offered an internship during the current term (after the add deadline) and want credit for the term in progress?”

A: You will still submit the form AND you will need to fill out a late-add petition to send to the registrar. The late-add petition process is a bit cumbersome so if this happens please connect with the Internship instructor so I can provide in-depth instruction.

Q: “What if I’m offered an internship during the current term but I want credit for the following term?”

A: This is allowable if the internship dates continue through part or all of the following term. In this case, you will follow the submission timelines for the next term. If you are questioning whether this option is possible for you, don’t hesitate to ask!

Q: What if my current internship continues into the next term and I want to re-register for additional PD 404 credits?

A: Please re-submit the pre-approval form with the updated internship dates and credit amounts. The goals/supervisor info/etc. can remain the same but we need you to resubmit it so you are on the pre-authorization list to register.

Q: My internship won’t be over until after the term ends, what are my options for submitting the final assignments?

A: You will need to work directly with the course instructor on receiving assignment extensions or an incomplete. It is highly recommended that you contact the instructor in advance of the assignment due dates to discuss clear deadlines and expectations to satisfy an incomplete.

Q: Can I take more than 12 credits of an internship?

A: Unfortunately, no. The University of Oregon only allows a maximum of 12 credits of internship to be applied to your degree.

Q: I need help searching for an internship. Where do I start?

A: As a student, you have access to the College of Design Career Services. More information can be found here:

Q: I still have questions.

A: Please schedule an advising meeting! The experts in our College of Design Student Services are waiting to help you with all your questions and needs.