BFA in Art with a Concentration

images depicting various media areas

Our Bachelor of Fine Art in Art with a concentration consists of four years of undergraduate study in Eugene. The BFA degree provides a studio-intensive education and prepares students for entry into professional practice or further advanced study upon graduation.

BFA in Art Thesis Exhibitions

Degree Requirements

  • 108 total credits in the major
  • Core Studio ART 115, ART 116, ART 233 and ART 333
  • Choose one from among: ARTD 250, ARTD 251, or ARTD 252
  • Six History of Art and Architecture courses
  • Fall course, Issues & Practices
  • Winter course, Critique Colloquium
  • BFA Terminal Creative Project credits
  • Upper-division studio credit selected from advanced studios
  • Senior Thesis Year Requirements:
    • Issues & Practices, fall term
    • BFA Critique, winter term
    • Advanced/capstone course in area of concentration
    • Terminal Creative Thesis

General Education Requirements for the BFA Degree:

  • 36 credits of UO Gen Ed group satisfying courses
  • 8 credits (2 courses) of multicultural courses
  • Language or Math/Science Requirements:
    • Two courses, WR 121 and either WR 122 or 123 (or equivalents), passed with grades of C minus or better, or P, are required for all undergraduate degrees
    • One year of college-level second language (or equivalent proficiency) OR one year of college-level math/CIS (or equivalent proficiency)