BFA in Art with a Concentration

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Our Bachelor of Fine Art in Art with a concentration consists of four years of undergraduate study in Eugene. The BFA degree provides a studio-intensive education and prepares students for entry into professional practice or further advanced study upon graduation.

BFA in Art Terminal Project Exhibitions

Degree Requirements for BFA in Art with a Concentration

Complete a minimum of 180 credits, including satisfying the general education requirements for a BA or BS degree. BFA in Art with a Concentration are required to take a minimum of 108 credits in Art major requirements.

Core Studio prerequisites for 200-level studios:

  1. ART 115, Surface, Space, and Time, 4 credits
  2. ART 116, Core Interdisciplinary Lab or ARTS 288, Sculpture I: Mixed Media, 4 credits
  3. ART 233, Drawing I, 4 credits
  4. ART 333, Drawing II, 4 credits

Art & Technology foundational requirements:

  1. One course from:
    • ARTD 250, Print Media Digital Arts, 4 credits
    • ARTD 251, Time-Based Digital Arts, 4 credits
    • ARTD 252, Interactive Digital Arts, 4 credits

Studio requirements:

  1. Studio courses at the 200-level or higher in two different media areas within the department, 8 credits
  2. Upper–division art studio credits any media area, 24 credits
  3. Concentration upper-division courses, selected from advanced studios
    • ARTX 300/400, 4 studios, 16 credits (minimum)
  4. Advanced/capstone course in your area of concentration (Discuss with Curricular Coordinator)
    • ARTX 400, 1 studio, 4 credits (minimum)

Senior Year Capstone:

  1. ARTX 400 Issues and Practices (discuss with Curricular Coordinator)
  2. ART 412 BFA Critique Colloquium, 4 credits
  3. ART 409 BFA Terminal Creative Project, 6 credits

History of Art and Architecture requirements:

  1. Six courses from the Department of the History of Art and Architecture, 24 credits. Recommended courses include:
    • ARH 353 Modern Art
    • ARH 354 Art Since 1945

General Studies Requirements:

  1. English Composition:
    • WR 121 College Composition I 4 credits
    • WR 122/WR 123 College Composition II 4 credits
  2. Areas of Inquiry Requirement:
    • Arts & Letters: selected from approved courses 12 credits
    • Social Science: selected from approved courses 12 credits
    • Science: selected from approved courses 12 credits
  3. Cultural Literacy Courses:
    • US: Difference, Inequality, Agency one course 4 credits
    • Global Perspectives one course 4 credits
  4. Liberal Arts Requirement:
    • 1 year Proficiency equivalent in Foreign Language or Math/Computer Science 0-12 credits

Total General Studies 52-64 credits

Elective Requirements:

  1. Total Electives 8-20 credits