BFA in Art & Technology

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Our Art & Technology Bachelor's of Fine Art program consists of four years of undergraduate study in Eugene. We believe in an integrated approach that synthesizes the values of fine arts with new methods and practices offered by technological innovation and broad interdisciplinary engagement.

These traditions of visual research within the arts are at the core of our approach and are a remarkable standpoint from which to explore and engage the ever-changing and multifaceted territory of media culture.

I am a recreational liar. I am a compulsive crocheter. by Lauren Seiffert, BFA

BFA in Art & Technology Terminal Project Exhibitions

Degree Requirements for BFA in Art & Technology

Complete a minimum of 180 credits, including satisfying the general education requirements for a BA or BS degree. BFA in Art in Technology are required to take a minimum of 119 credits in Art & Technology Major requirements.

Core Studio prerequisites for 200-level studios:

  1. ART 115, Surface, Space, and Time, 4 credits
  2. ART 116, Core Interdisciplinary Lab or ARTS 288, Sculpture I: Mixed Media, 4 credits
  3. ART 233, Drawing I, 4 credits

Art & Technology foundational requirements:

  1. ARTD 250, Print Media Digital Arts, 4 credits
  2. ARTD 251, Time-Based Digital Arts, 4 credits
  3. ARTD 252, Interactive Digital Arts, 4 credits

Studio requirements:

  1. Concentration upper-division courses, ARTD 300/400 10 studios: Art & Tech minimum 40 credits
  2. Additional Upper Division Studios: ARTX 300+ 3 studios: Any media area 12 credits

Senior Year Capstone:

  1. ARTD 490 Issues & Practices Fall 5 credits
  2. ARTD 490 Issues & Practices Winter 5 credits
  3. ARTD 490 Issues & Practices Spring 5 credits
  4. ARTX 409 BFA Terminal Creative Project 4 credits

History of Art and Architecture requirements:

  1. Six courses from the Department of the History of Art and Architecture, 24 credits. Recommended courses include ARH 353 Modern Art and ARH 354 Art Since 1945.

General Studies Requirements:

  1. English Composition:
    • WR 121 College Composition I 4 credits
    • WR 122/WR 123 College Composition II 4 credits
  2. Areas of Inquiry Requirement:
    • Arts & Letters: selected from approved courses 12 credits
    • Social Science: selected from approved courses 12 credits
    • Science: selected from approved courses 12 credits
  3. Cultural Literacy courses
    • US: Difference, Inequality, Agency one course 4 credits
    • Global Perspectives one course 4 credits
  4. Liberal Arts Requirement
    • 1 year Proficiency equivalent in Foreign Language or Math/Computer Science 0-12 credits

Total General Studies 52-64 credits

Elective Requirements:

1. Electives 0-9 credits

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